Battle Chopper

Export Arcade Video game published 35 years ago by Irem

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Battle Chopper screenshot

Battle Chopper © 1987 Irem.

For more information about the game itself, please see the original Japanese version entry; "Mr. Heli no Daibouken".


Battle Chopper was released in December 1987 outside Japan. It is known in Japan as "Mr. Heli no Daibouken".


[EU] Atari ST (1989) "Mr. Heli"
[US] Commodore C64 (1987)
[EU] Commodore C64 (1989) "Mr. Heli"
Sinclair ZX Spectrum [US] (1989) "Mr. Heli"
[EU] Commodore Amiga (1989) "Mr. Heli"
[EU] Amstrad CPC (1989) "Mr. Heli"
Gun Force II (c) 1994 Irem Corp.
PC [MS Windows, Online] [EU] (dec.9, 2011) "IREM Arcade Hits" by DotEmu
Apple MacIntosh [Online] [US] (aug.21, 2011) "Irem Arcade Hits" by DotEmu
PC [Desura] [US] (nov.2, 2013) "IREM Arcade Hits" by Plug In Digital


Game's ROM.