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Battle Back

Arcade Video game published 37 years ago by Alstate Group, Inc.

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Battle Back © 1982 Alstate Group, Incorporated.

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Released in November 1982.

Advertised as 'The Game of Firsts' :
- The first game that allows real life player interaction. No more side by side playing, but head on with the field of play between the players.
- The first game on single play mode that allows the player the option of attack or defend.
- The first game that is back to back and only slightly larger than a single game. The back to back set up allows for true 2-Player interaction and also allows for 2 single action games to take place independently.
- The first game with Intercom System, which, on the 2-Player mode, allows the players to talk to one another.
The first space game that scrolls left, right, up and down.
- The first game that allows a novice to compete against a better player. By adding a second quarter the novice can purchase additional ships to play against the more experienced players' original ships.
- The first game with 1 board operating 2 monitors together or independently.

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