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Batsugun Special Ver.

Arcade Video game published 26 years ago by Toaplan

Batsugun Special Ver. screenshot

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Batsugun Special Ver. © 1993 Toaplan Company, Limited.

In this special version:
* Different colours for all stages.
* Some sprites have different colors.
* The title screen/demo & the ship selection screen have different colors.
* The 4-lap end is different.
* The power-ups are different.
* The collision detection area is tighter than the original.
* The smart-bombs are bigger and nicer looking. They also do more damage.
* You get 8 credits instead of 4 to complete the game.

So basically the Special version is an Easier version.


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The special version of Batsugun was originally shown at the AOU show (an arcade game show held in Japan every year) and was not for sale. After the Toaplan bunkruptcy, the board started to appear on the second hand market.


* Consoles :
Sega Saturn (1996)

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