Baseball Gumball Vendor

A Coin-op Vending Machine by Ekholm Mfg.

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Impossible to emulate


Baseball Gumball Vendor © 194? Ekholm Mfg. Co.

Score as in regular baseball game.
1 base hit advances all runners 1 base.
2 base hit advances all runners 2 bases.
3 base hit advances all runners 3 bases, etc.

Balls gaining 4 bases should be taken from shoot and after playing until you get 3 outs, they are counted as runs and scored.

To play numbers game described on front of machine multiply number of ball by number of hole it enters as follows : Black, or #6 ball in #4 hole counts 24. Green, or #5 ball in #3 hole counts 15. Player highest score in any given number shots is winner.


Baseball Gumball Vendor the Coin-op Vending Machine
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