Barbie [Model NES-8V-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 28 years ago by Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc.

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Barbie © 1991 Hi Tech Expressions

She's the hottest star with the coolest looks. She's Barbie! And she wants you to join her on a magical adventure through exciting worlds of fun, fashion and fantasy!

One enchanted evening, Barbie dreams she's been invited to the Fantasy Ball. But she's got nothing to wear! Can you help her get the magical fantasy accessories she needs to make her entrance a smashing success?

Your search will take you and Barbie on incredible adventures through three different fantasy worlds: Mall World, Underwater World, and 50's Soda Shop World. Along the way you'll discover exciting surprises, make new friends and model some of the coolest Barbie fashions ever! But be careful. One false step and you just might wake up from the dream before you get to the ball. Barbie is counting on you, so let's go!


Model NES-8V-USA


Released in December 1991 in the USA.
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