Bank Raid

Fruit Machine published by JPM International

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Bank Raid © 198? JPM.

Bank Raid is a multi stake AWP with a trail top game and new concept designed with a Western theme. It includes a traditional 3-reel game with holds, nudges and gambles as well as features such as 'Stop-A-Fruit'. When three overprinted horse symbols appear on the winline, the 'stop-a-fruit' feature is awarded. All the reel lamps animate and the player must press the start button to stop the lamp on a fruit. The reels will then spin off to a winline matching the fruit selected. The top game is a three-reel fivewinline game with a progressive 'trail to end' feature – Positioned on the top reel bands are dedicated symbols. When three appear on the winlines, then this will trigger the trail to end feature. This consists of a 31 position progressive trail, incorporating bonus, feature, cash, superspins, and 'sheriff's badge' squares. The player may collect the prize on offer or choose to gamble all the way to the jackpot.


Is available in the two stake format and is presented in the stunning Linear cabinet.


Released in Spain only.


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