Bandit Kings of Ancient China [Model NES-XJ-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 29 years ago by KOEI

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Bandit Kings of Ancient China © 1990 Koei Co., Ltd.

North American release. Game developed in Japan. See the original Japanese version for more information about the game; "Suikoden - Tenmei no Chikai [Model KOE-XJ]".

Descrition from the back cover:

Join history's greatest band of robbers - The Bandit Kings of the Song Empire!

The year is 1101 and the evil minister Gao Qiu has seized all Imperial authority! The Emperor has one last chance to restore the glory of days past - a desperate gamble to find the last great hero in China!

As a Bandit King, make allies and conquer territories. Watch out for typhoons, riots, epidemics, desertions and attacks from wild beasts. Enjoy festivals with your loyal band of heroes. Gain the support of the people and receive the benefits of their favor. But stay alert... in the end, who will be victorious? You or Gao Qiu?
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Released in December 1990 in North America.

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