Banana Monkey

Slot Machine published by Kare Technology

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Banana Monkey © 200? Kare Technology.

Have you ever traveled in the wild tropical jungle? Throughout the game you'll be accompanied by small nice monkeys. They will acquaint you with jungle inhabitants such as lions, rhinoceroses and aborigines. You are in luck if you see three spiders at any place on the 5 reels of this 9-line game. It's Monkey Bonus. If you feed the monkey with bananas and pull the right liana (not the snake's tail) your maximum winning will be equal to 250 bets. Take a risk and your jungle adventure will be unforgettable!


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Negrees : A prize game begins with falling of three or more symbols Negrees. A player is to choose one of lianas. If he succeeds in it, bananas fall, and the bet is multiplied by the emerging number. The bonus is over if a player chooses a snake's tail instead of the liana. Maximum winning in this bonus is 250 bets. If he gets through all stages of bonus Lianas successfully, he will get a chance to double up his winning. A player needs to guess an egg where a Gold Mask lies.

Spiders : With falling of three symbols Spider you are to choose one of the spiders. The emerging number will show how many times it is possible to play without credit reduction.