Balloon Fight [Model NES-BF-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 33 years ago by Nintendo of America, Inc.

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Balloon Fight © 1986 Nintendo of America, Inc.

North American version. Game developed in Japan. For more information about the game, please see the original Japanese version entry; "Balloon Fight [Model HVC-BF]".

Text from this version:
You'll need lightning- fast reactions to win this battle in the sky!
Take to the skies! BALLOON FIGHT. You'll score lots of points and have loads of fun when you birst enemy balloons and send their parachutes crashing into the sea. But beware. These hot air invaders have an amazing ability to land safely, blow up another balloon and come back stronger than before! What's more, if you fly too low you'll be devoured by man-eating sharks! Challenge them alone if you think you're up to it, or team up with a friend. Either way, you'll have the time of your life fighting off your opponents in the sky and avoiding those hungry sharks bellow in BALLOON FIGHT!




Balloon Fight was released in June 1986 in North America.

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