Ballistix [Model CJ0001]

NEC PC-Engine HuCARD published 28 years ago by Coconuts Japan

Ballistix [Model CJ0001] screenshot

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Ballistix © 1991 Coconuts Japan.

Ballistix is a futuristic sport game by Psygnosis and published by Coconuts. The game can be played against a CPU opponent or a human player. The object of Ballistix is to shoot at a black ball (called the 'puck') and to push it into the opponent's goal with a cannon. But things are not so simple and magnetic fields and other special tiles can affect its trajectory - they include arrows accelerating the ball in one direction, transportation holes and bumpers. Special icons also appear on the playfield and can freeze the opponent's cannon for a short amount of time. The game features hundred levels and a two simultaneous player mode.


Game ID: CJ0001


Released on December 13, 1991 in Japan fr 6900 Yen.

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