Arcade Video game published 16 years ago by Triotech Amusement

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Ballistics © 2003 Triotech Amusement.

As a pilot in the BALLISTICS seat, a single player drives a sleekly designed jet-propelled 'Speeder Bike' through a magnetic cylinder that serves as a futuristic racetrack. The Player is seated at a full 360 degree range of movement and is spiraled along the magnetic track with the task of avoiding obstacles and other racers that could slow him down. At the same time the player must maneuver towards various power-ups. Power-ups include 'Super Booster Pills' which allow the player to accelerate at twice the normal capacity and 'Ice Patches' which allows the player to super-cool his high-octane engine.


Length : 84 inches (2.13m)
Width : 27 inches (0.68m)
Height : 72 inches (1.82m)


This game features Triotech's incredible Mad Wave Motion System technology (patented). This fully immersed game experience allows the player to feel the super-boosts, collisions, the jet-powered acceleration and the totally mad vibration of a SONIC BOOM! This unique patented technology delivers an unprecedented fast response of 2 G's of acceleration. The system has an unprecedented rate of up to 400 movements per second. The player will even feel the vibration of the engine under the seat! The precision of the movement is also exceptional, less than the thickness of a sheet of paper. Over four years of research and development went into the creation of this cutting edge technology and the results are astounding!

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