Ballblazer [Model CX5255]

Atari 5200 cart. published 36 years ago by Atari

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Ballblazer © 1986 Atari Corporation.

Ballblazer: the simplest, fastest and most competitive sport in the known universe. It grew from dark roots in ancient space war to become king of all games among every lifeform within range of Interstellar ethercasting, In exactly three minutes, Ballblazer can make you a hero--or destroy a lifetime of dreams.

The year is 3097, and the place is a null-gravity nexus mid-space in the binary star system Kalaxon and Kalamar. Moments from now, on the face of an artificial asteroid, the final round of the Interstellar Ballblazer Championship--the greatest tournament of all time and space--will begin, and history will be made. For the first time, a creature from the planet Earth has battled through countless qualifying rounds and eleminations, enduring and then triumphing, across vast parsecs, to win the right to compete for the honor of his planet, and the ultimate title any being can posess: Masterblazer

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Model CX5255


Ballblazer was created by the Lucasfilm Computer Division Games Group. David Levine created the concept, directed the project, and designed and implemented the screen graphics, physical dynamics, control structures, and mainline program. Peter Langston, the Games Group Leader, designed and implemented the sound effects and practice Droid intelligence, composed and programmed the music, and helped devise the game-play mechanisms and strategy. David Riordan and Garry Hare of Search and Design contributed game design elements and game rules. Charlie Kellner helped conceptualize game dynamics. Ideas and support were provided by other members of the Games Group; David Fox provided aesthetic support and Gary Winnick contributed to the Rotofoil design.

Staff: David Riordan, David Levine, Garry Hare, Peter Langston
Ideas and support: David Fox, Gary Winnick
Special thanks to: George Lucas


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