Ball [Model RGW-001]

Handheld game published 10 years ago by Nintendo

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Ball © 2010 Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Re-Issue of the classic rereleased exclusively via Club Nintendo to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Game & Watch. Unlike the original release, this version includes a mute switch.


Model RGW-001


In November of 2009 Nintendo of Japan announced that members of Club Nintendo would be eligible to receive Ball as a prize. The unit looks nearly identical to the original, though features the Club Nintendo logo on it and features a toggle that allows the user to increase or decrease the volume. This prize was only available to Club Nintendo members in Japan and was sent out on April, 30 of 2010 to those who accumulated enough points to reach Platinum Status. Game&Watch: Ball was later released on Nintendo of America’s Club Nintendo service, making it available to fans in the United States. Upon its release it was required more coins than any other product: 1200. A pre-installed battery comes with every unit.

This version didn't come with a stand at the back of the system like the original version did.

The re-release was never for sale in stores and was only available at Club Nintendo for 1200 coins, the Club Nintendo currency.


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