Coin-op Misc. game published 51 years ago by Cointronics

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Ball © 1968 Cointronics.


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Cointronics developed ZAP BALL first. It was not successful because the compressors made too much noise. It was the fastest game to that time. A phosphorescent ping pong ball was air blasted from end to end in a "Blacklight" enclosure.

The next game was the LUNAR LANDER which provided the first audio reward message in coin op. A person who could land a model of the Lunar Module in a moon crater heard the NASA tape 'The Eagle has landed'. It had an electronic indexing system to control the LEM.

LUNAR LANDER was coining money, with no maintenance problems, when 20 dealers canceled their orders. Bally Corp. came out with a knock off 6 months later, using the old mechanical CLAW MACHINE indexing system.

Cointronics was founded by two former Nutting Associates employees. Nutting Associates and Cointronics were put into chapter 11 around the same time.