Bahamut Lagoon [Model SHVC-AXBJ-JPN]

Nintendo Super Famicom cart. published 27 years ago by Square Co., Ltd.

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Bahamut Lagoon [Model SHVC-AXBJ-JPN] screenshot

Bahamut Lagoon © 1996 Square Company, Limited.

Bahamut Lagoon is a strategy/Role Playing game released by Squaresoft in 1996 and is often regarded as the most underrated game ever released by the famous company. Bahamut Lagoon takes place in a world made of floating islands called Lagoons. The player is put in the shoes of Byuu, a young dragon rider and captain of the Kahna Squad. The game starts when the evil and tyrannical Sauzer from the Granbelos Empire decides to take over the Dragon Kingdom of Kahna and to kidnap the young princess Yoyo. Our hero, along with his friends, decide to hide for sometime and train their dragons to form a group of resistance - they hope that some day they will be ready and strong enough to attack the invader and rescue the princess. They soon all embark on a journey to unite the power of the Holy Dragons, ancient beasts supposed to defend the Lagoons, and use them to defeat Emperor Sauzer. Or this is what they think... The limited Role Playing side of the game gets the player to control Byuu and the story unfolds as the game progresses - he can talk to people or buy new equipment and items. Out of the battles, the game also features an expansive dragon feeding system that raises the animals' stats and change their aspect overtime. However, and unlike traditional role playing games, the player gets to control multiple parties of four and their respective dragons during battles. Players don't get to control the beasts directly though - they have to be told what to do and three commands are available to do so. The first one is 'Go!' and tells the dragon to attack, the second is 'Come!' and gets him to fly close to his master then the final one is 'Wait!' and forces him to stay put and wait. Characters, on the contrary, can attack using traditional weapons and magic spells. Battles follow a traditional turned based system and all the enemies, or in some cases the enemy's general, need to be defeated to win a fight.


Barcode: 4 961012 956036


Released on February 09, 1996 in Japan for 11400 Yen. The game was never exported outside Japan.


EX game and music test: Successfully complete and save the game. Then, hold L + R and reset the SNES. Options for an EX Game and music test will be available. The EX Game allows the game to be replayed with the same amount of money, items, and levels present at the end of your last game.



Project Leader: Hitoshi Sasaki
Director: Kazushige Nojima
Producer: Tadashi Nomura
Main Programmers: Kazuhisa Murakami, Hiroshi Ono
Story Event Planner: Motomu Toriyama
Simulation Planner: Takatsugu Nakazawa, Naoya Kawahira
Special Programmer: Tetsuji Iwasaki
Super Effect Graphic Designer: Kunio Asahara
Assistant Director: Takeshi Endo
Event Planner Mapping: Satoru Tsuji
Music Composer: Noriko Matsueda
Sound Engineer: Teruaki Sugawara
Sound Programmer: Hidenoki Suzuki
Character Graphic Designers: Fumiyasu Sasaki, Murasaki Iriguchi
Monster Graphic Designer: Shin Nagasawa
Event BG Graphic Designer: Rena Sasaki
Field Graphic Designers: Takahiro yamashita, Tomoe Inazawa
Special Thanks: Kenichi Shinoda, Takato Itou, Hiromi Masuda, Hiroyoshi Hamada, Yoshitaka, Hirota, Jun Saitou, Kiyomi Tanakawa, Hisako Suzuki, Kenichi Ohko, Miyabi Ito, Kouchiro Matsumoto
Supervisor: Hironobu Sakaguchi
Executive producer: Tetsuo Mizuno


Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com