B.O.B. [Model SNS-B4-USA]

Nintendo Super NES game published 27 years ago by Electronic Arts

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B.O.B. © 1993 Electronic Arts.

B.O.B. is a side scrolling platform game featuring a goofy robot (or space-insect, hard to tell) engaged on a rescue mission - his own. After crashing his dad's space-car on an unknown asteroid, Bob must find his way home. The curious asteroid, actually made of three small planets, is covered with dome-like structures and forest-like jungles. As expected, each one of them hide various monsters and hazardous underground constructions. And our friend must go through each area within a short time limit. Bob can use a large arsenal of guns but also his fists (which tend to grow huge for the occasion). The game also features some interesting special items (called remotes) such as Bombs, Flying Hats or trampolines without forgetting the special abilities he has built-in - he can use his fingers to slide along ceiling pipes or crouch and move like a crab. The goal of the game is to reach the blue transporter beam located at the end of each stage and to warp Bob out to the next area - he then thanks the player with quick dance moves and funny jokes. A password system allows the player to save his progress every handful of stages.
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Cartridge ID: SNS-B4-USA


Released in June 1993 in North America.


Level codes
1 = 171052
2 = 950745
3 = 472149
4 = 672451
5 = 272578
6 = 652074
7 = 265648
8 = 624493
9 = 583172
10 = 743690
11 = 103928
12 = 144895
13 = 775092
14 = 481376

Maximum power-up
Enter 196420 as a password.

All weapons
Enter 0900 as a password.


Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com