BASIC soft. type-in published 50 years ago by DEC

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Awari © 1973 DEC [Digital Equipment Corp.]

A digital version of the game Kalah. In the game the player must beat the AI opponent. In turns players can pick up seeds in one of the "houses" in their control. Seeds that are picked up have to be redistributed by placing one in each adjacent house in counter-clockwise fashion. If the final seed falls in the player's scoring house the player is awarded an additional turn. If the final seed falls into an empty house owned by the player, that seed and any seeds in the opposing house are added to the scoring house of the player. The game ends when one player no longer has any seeds in his houses. The player with the most seeds in his scoring house wins.


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Published in July 1973 as a type-in program in the 101 BASIC Computer Games book.


Written by: Geoff Wyvill


* Computers:
Commodore PET (1978)


Game's Code.