Aurail [Model 317-0167]

Arcade Video game published 33 years ago by SEGA Enterprises, Ltd.

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Aurail [Model 317-0167] screenshot

Aurail © 1990 Sega.

An overhead-view shoot'em up where you pilot a super tank of the future, that looks like a battle mek, and blow everything up. Collect power-ups to increase shields and operate the remote attack drone. Features tunnel levels with a first-person view.


Runs on the Sega "System 16B" hardware.
Game ID: 317-0167

Players: 2
Control: 8-way joystick
Buttons: 3


Released in October 1990 in Japan.

Export release: "Aurail [Model 317-0168]"


Developed by Westone.

Chief programmer : Takanori Kurihara
Sprite designer : Masanori Yoshihara
BG designers : Hiromi Kurihara, Maki Ohzora
Music composers : Sinichi Sakamoto, Napalm Hiromitsu
Assistant director : Yoshihisa Shimizu
Programmer : Naoki Hoshizaki
CG designers : Mina Morioka, Susumu Konno, Tomoko Nakayama
Supervisor : Michishito Ishizuka
CG operater : Yutaka Hirata
Director : Ryuichi Nishizawa


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