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ATV Slam

Arcade Video game published by SEGA Amusements, Inc.

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ATV Slam © 2019 SEGA Amusements Inc.

Take control of an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) on an off-road race for glory. Using a realistic ATV-shaped seat and handlebar controller, ATV Slam ups the ante by putting this seat on a customized air cylinder-powered motion platform for a realistic simulator experience.

Race across 10 different environments, with 5 different riders and 5 ATV bikes, which can be upgraded if you continue to play. There are also three different game modes.

The tracks are closed-circuit courses (typical for Sega-made racers), but the crashing, slamming and jumping action does feel a little like a Raw Thrills racer.


Uses unspecified PC-based hardware as designed by Sega Amusements International (UK). Such boards have unofficially been labeled as "Europa."

The software is built using Unreal Engine 4 and makes heavy use of HDR lighting.

47" 1080p monitor

2.1 channel sound system

RGB LED T-molding and fixtures built into the wheels of the ATV seat.

An "Air Cannon" is built into the front panel of the game, underneath the monitor. When a boost is activated, a blast of air is directed at the player.

Uses an air cylinder motion based platform.

Links up to 4 units


Released at the end of March 2019

The game was first unveiled at the EAG 2019 in London, UK. It was supposed to have been shown at the IAAPA 2018 event a couple of months prior, but was held back for additional development time.

Sega's second arcade title to make use of the Unreal Engine 4 platform, following House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn (2018).


Chances are that your first race will not be optimal, as the stats of your ATV will not be maxed out. If you continue your game, you can upgrade the stats, making for a better follow-up race.

Game cabinet
Official game page: https://www.segaarcade.com/games/atv-slam.html
ATV Slam announced: https://arcadeheroes.com/2018/10/15/sega-amusements-announces-atv-slam-in-new-iaapa-2018-line-up/
Game appearance at Amusement Expo 2019 in Las Vegas: https://arcadeheroes.com/2019/03/31/new-arcades-amusement-expo-2019-centipede-chaos-ice-atv-slam-sega-nerf-arcade-raw-thrills/