Atomic Castle

Unreleased Arcade Video game published 39 years ago by Laser Disc Computer Systems

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Atomic Castle © 1984 Laser Disc Computer Systems.

Laserdisc game in which the player makes their way through a castle located inside an asteroid to try to disarm a nuclear device.


A laserdisc game that started life as Eon and the Time Tunnel. Much of the footage was shot at an Oklahoma production studio owned by the Osmonds. Castle footage was shot in Scotland. The game was designed for Stern who sold it to Game Plan who planned to release it in kit form but apparently never did. While over 100 were reportedly built it seem that very few (if any) made it to production. After finishing the game, LDCS went to work on a carnival-themed game called Pitchman that was never finished.


All In Color For a Quarter - Keith Smith