Atlantis [Model IA3203]

The Atari 2600 Cart. by Imagic, Inc.

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[CONSOLE] Atari 2600 Cart.

Atlantis © 1982 Imagic.

Defend Atlantis! Blast Gorgon vessels before they come close enough to demolish Atlantis with the deathray. Score big and you can replace parts of the city the Gorgons have hit.

Game ends when all seven of Atlantis' installations have been levelled and none is left in reserve.


Atlantis [Model IA3203] the  Atari 2600 Cart.
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Model IA3203


* Gorgon vessels stay in formation, circling down from the highest level to one closest to Atlantis. Gorgon vessels can only fire the deathray when close to the city. Blast them before they reach the fourth lane of approach.

* The Acropolis Command Post can knock out a Gorgon vessel- even a Bandit Bomber-while it's firing the deathray. You have to be quick and accurate. Practice!

* Risk letting Bandit Bombers get close to the planet surface. If you hit one then, you'll demolish all Gorgon vessels in formation behind it.

* In advanced waves, the deathray will not always blast one of the whirling generators. This earns you another chance- but not for long.


Designed by: Dennis Koble

Game's ROM.