Fortune Teller published 49 years ago by SEGA Enterprises

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Astrodata © 1971 Sega.

Electro-mechanical fortune teller. The machine is really a custom printer that takes blank fortune cards and prints responses on the card from a large drum. Astrodata is played by selecting the day you wish your fortune for, and next pushing the buttons for your year, month, day of birth. This will program the machine. The player then places their hand over the light-up palm on the console. This will start the operation of the card punch, which is visible to the player. After the card is punched it is delivered to the player, being carried over from the puncher and dropped down a chute to the card tray. If the complete selection of buttons and placing the hand is not done in 100 seconds (operator adustable from 20 to 100), a blank card is dispensed. Astrodata has a 'friendship button' which allows the player to get a card for a friend without placing their hand on the light-up palm. In this case the health section of the card will not be punched.

The resulting card shows the player's fortune in financial prospects, happiness, success in gambling, health, chance for a pleasant surprise, opportunities for romance and sex life.


Height: 52 in.
Width: 29 in.
Depth: 23 in.


Machine's picture.