Astroblast [Model MT5666]

Atari 2600 cart. published 38 years ago by Mattel Electronics

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Astroblast © 1982 Mattel Electronics

This is the Atari version of the Intellivision game "Astrosmash".

Hit as many falling, fast-moving targets as you can. Move your laser base to avoid being hit yourself. Keep shooting as long as your bases last, and try for a great Peak Score!

You start with 10 laser defense bases. Several things fall from the sky: rocks, spinning white bombs, "smart" guided missiles and - when your score goes over 20,000 - UFO bombs. If your active laser is hit OR a spinner lands, you lose that base. You get another base whenever your peak score goes up 1,000 points. As the score goes higher more targets appear - falling faster.


Model MT5666


There is a bug in the original release of this cartridge - when two controllers are plugged in and moved simultaneously, unpredictable graphic effects can occur, and the joysticks may stop operating until the game is reset. The bug was fixed in later productions of the game.


Whenever you have a choice between big and small rocks, shoot at the small ones.

Don't shoot rocks very close to you - the explosion can blow up your base.

Remember: if any spinners land, you lose a base. Shoot at them as soon as they appear.

Don't try to run away from pulsars and UFOs.. Get directly underneath them fast - then shoot!


Programmer: Hal Finney


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Game's ROM.