Astro Chase [Model 9560]

Atari 5200 cart. published 36 years ago by Parker Bros.

Astro Chase [Model 9560] screenshot

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Astro Chase © 1984 Parker Bros

Your mission is to save the planet earth from total destruction! To do it, you must eliminate all 8 mega mines now approaching earth -- just one will shatter the earth like glass! And while you're blasting mega mines, you must also destroy a barrage of enemy ships as they chase you to the ends of the galaxy! The larger your conquests -- the bigger your reception upon returning home! Good luck with your mission!


Model 9560


Destroying Enemy Ships:
Ramatrons: 10 points
Ramalons: 20 points
Firetrons: 50 points
Firelons: 60 points
Ramatron Jets: 30 points
Ramalon Jets: 40 points
Firetron Jets: 70 points
Firelon Jets: 80 points

Destroying Mega Mines:
Each Mega mine is worth 3 times the point value of the type of enemy ship appearing in that chase.
EX.: In Chase 1, Ramatrons worth 10 points each are the attacking fighters. Therefore, each Mega mine destroyed is worth 30 points (3 X 10 points).
Bonus Saucers: Whenever you successfully complete a Chase, you will be awarded 2 bonus saucers, each with 1,000 units of energy.


Programmer: Fernando Herrera


Game's ROM.