Asteroids Hyper 64

Nintendo 64 cart. published 24 years ago by Crave Ent., Inc.

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Asteroids Hyper 64 screenshot

Asteroids Hyper 64 © 1999 Crave Entertainment.

The classic gaming renaissance continues.

Before stunning graphics, stereo sound and cinematic cut-scenes revolutionized the gaming industry, arcade games had only one asset to rely on: gameplay. The original arcade classic Asteroids had the most primitive graphics imaginable, but it remains as fun to play today as the day it premiered thanks to simple but incredibly addictive gameplay.

Crave Entertainment has given us an Asteroids game for the 90s, beefing up the classic formula with updated graphics and numerous multiplayer modes.

Asteroids Hyper 64 contains 50 levels spread out over five zones. Although the time-tested concept remains the same (blast everything on the screen), players are armed with new power-ups and have to defeat a boss at the end of each level. Four new types of asteroids are featured in the game, including:

Radioactive rocks that can disable your ship
Unstable asteroids that explode randomly
Heat-seeking asteroids
Cloaked rocks that fade in and out of view

Multiplayer action includes both cooperative and competitive variations, including team play.




Asteroids Hyper 64 for Nintendo 64 was released on December 14, 1999 in North America.


Unlock the original game : When playing in the first zone, watch for a strange-looking asteroid - one resembling the asteroids from the original game. Shoot it and the original Asteroids game, from 1979, will be unlocked and added to the main menu.


Executive Producer: Michael Arkin
Associate Producer: Chris Scaglione
Developed by: Syrox Developments Ltd.
Lead Programmer: Alex Darby
Additional Programming: Mark Gordon, Steve Pearce
Design: Steve Pearce, Alex Darby
Lead Artist: David Bland
Original Lead Artist: Mark Knowles
Original Artists: Jon Green, Steven Green
N64 Artwork: David Bland
Backgrounds: Steven Green
White Dwarf Editor: Alex Darby
Lead Level Design: Derek Poon
Music: Rockett Music
Crave QA Manager: Michael Schneider
Testers: Ron Talay, Jeff Nachbaur, John Kellogg, Daniel Echeverria, Dan Chaffey, Brett Bigley, Richard Robledo, Jeff McLean
Crave Marketing Product Manager: Cory Hudson Jones
Special Thanks: Mark Gordon, Dan Leslie, Dominic Wood, Timothy McGrath, Mark Burke, Holly Newman, Philippe Erwin, NOA Technical Support Team


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