ASCIUPLD by Bloom [Model 3BLM-13]

Apple III disk. published by WAP

Not listed in MAME yet.

ASCIUPLD by Bloom © 199? WAP [Washington Apple Pi III SIG]

ASCIUPLD converts an ASCII text file (one line per record field) from one data base or spread sheet program into the upload format needed by an importing program. A special command file tells ASCIUPLD (1) which fields of the input ASCII file to be imported and (2) in which order to import the fields. It even lets you create import fields that aren't in the original file.

You control the length of the fields in the output upload file. Each may be (1) as long as the corresponding input field, (2) no longer than a fixed truncation length, or (3) truncated or space padded to a fixed length. The last handles the Aladin data base's quirky restriction that each uploaded ASCII file's data field must be exactly as long as the width declaration in the corresponding Aladin data base record field.



Side One: Contains the ASCIUPLD Manual and source code listings.
Side Two: Contains the actual ASCIUPLD program.


PD's disk.