Armored Encounter! + Sub Chase! [Model AJ9403]

Magnavox Odyssey² cart. published 43 years ago by Philips

Armored Encounter! + Sub Chase! [Model AJ9403] screenshot

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Armored Encounter! + Sub Chase! © 1978 Philips Corp.

An astonishingly realistic simulation of armoured warfare! The electronic tanks not only look like tanks and sound like tanks - you even control them like tanks! (You turn a car by turning the front wheels. You turn a tank by slowing down one tread and speeding up the other.) This careful attention to real life detail even extends to the ammunition supply carried by each tank. A visual signal tells you when you're running low and must change strategy to rely on evasive action. Twelve game variations include barriers, cannon, guided missiles and minefields! On-screen digital scoring! Full sync-sound action include tank engines, cannon fires and explosions! Two players.

Low flying jets hunt for enemy subs lurking in neutral waters! Players have full control of plane altitude, submarine depth and speed. Game variations include forward, vertical and aft trajectory patterns! On-screen digital readouts for game time and scoring. Full sync-sound action including sound of missiles, bombs and explosions! Two players.


Game ID: AJ9403


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