Armor Battle [Model 1121]

Mattel Intellivision game published 43 years ago by Mattel Electronics

Armor Battle [Model 1121] screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Armor Battle © 1978 Mattel Electronics.

OBJECT OF THE GAME is to knock out both enemy tanks, avoid invisible mines and hits on your tanks. You maneuver your machines around buildings and battlefield debris, through forests and water hazards. If a tank hits a mine, the tank blows up! You sight the enemy, maneuver into firing position and SHOOT! Points are won by scoring hits on your opponent's tank.


NO. 1121


At the beginning of the development, the working title of this game was 'Tanks-A-Lot'.


* When you FIRST HEAR the ENGINE SOUND and your own tanks haven't started moving yet -- BE ALERT! Your enemy is attacking!

* REMEMBER, none of the tanks can back up!

* ALLOW FOR RECOIL. Your tank will move after every shot. His tank will move after every hit. Adjust your aim!

* DON'T WASTE your shots. Misses cost opportunities to score.


Programmer: Chris Kingsley


Game's ROM.