Arkanoid [Model NES-AR-USA]

Export Nintendo NES cart. published 34 years ago by Taito America

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Arkanoid © 1987 Taito America Corp.

North American release. Game developed in Japan. See the original for more information.

The story (from the USA Manual):

Their earth-like planet was devastated by a brutal attack of aliens. The survivors roam the galaxy on their photon spaceship Arkanoid in search of a new home. The Arkanoid is attacked and the survivors barely escape in the Vaus spacecraft. Instead of finding safety, they are now trapped in a deadly space labyrinth.

If they are to be saved, you must summon all your courage and skill to shatter the space walls and defeat the merciless enemy forces!

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Released in August 1987 in the USA.


COLOR WALLS (from the USA manual):
white: 50 points.
orange: 60 points.
light blue: 70 points.
green: 80 points.
red: 90 points.
blue: 100 points.
pink: 110 points.
yellow: 120 points.


* HOW TO PLAY (from the USA Manual):
- Your mission is to destroy the space walls with the energy ball by strategic movement of your Vaus spacecraft.
- There are three types of walls: colors, silver and gold. You earn points for their destruction as follows:
-- Silver walls: 50 points times the number of the round. The number of energy ball hits required to break the hard walls follows:
--- 2 times - 1st to 8th round.
--- 3 times - 9th to 16th round.
--- 4 times - 17th to 24th round.
--- 5 times - 25th to 32nd round.
- Gold walls are indestructible.
- There are 33 rounds in this game. In the final round, a huge enemy fortress will loom before you as the ultimate challenge. While dodging bullets, you must hit the fortress 16 times with your energy ball to destroy it.
- Some walls contain power CAPSULES. Each time you capture one you'll score 100 points and gain these super powers:
-- orange - slows movement of ball.
-- pink - opens warp escape - advance to next round.
-- yellow/green - catch the ball and release it.
-- red - increase to Vaus laser fire power.
-- light blue - splits energy ball into 3 particles.
-- grey - awards an extra Vaus.
-- dark blue/purple - widens the Vaus controller.

* PLAYING TIPS (from the USA Manual):
- Choose capsules carefully. Each one changes the one before it. Use them cautiously to suit each situation.
- You may advance through the levels up to the 16th!! To do this simply press the START button and the A button at the same time. This must be done at the beginning of each level - before any game play occurs.


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