Ark of Time [Model SLES-00748]

Sony PlayStation CD published 23 years ago by Project Two Interactive BV

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Ark of Time © 1998 Project Two Interactive BV.


Game ID: SLES-00748


Released in July 1998 in Europe.


Original Story: Edoardo Gervino
Graphics: Tommaso Bennati, Mario Ricco
Additional Graphics: Rupert Lewis Jones, Nigel Brownjohn
Character Model: Fabio Corica
Lead Programmer: Fabrizio Lagorio
Additional Programming: Alessio Ricco, Francesco Piasso, Steven Curtis, Anders Johansson
Debugging: Anders Johansson
Dialogues and Script: Laura Sicignano, Bryn Isaac, Stewart Bell
Additional Text By: Daniele Grignani, Stefania V Walhech, Martin Blackmore
Sound Effects & Ambient Music: Silvia Dini, Amedeo Gaggiolo
Music: Luigi Gaggero
Recording Studio: Highworth Productions, Ten Pin Alley
Sound Engineers: Mike Cross, John Acock
Voice Talent: Clayton Mark, Bill Zone, Regina Candler
Play Testing: Martin Blackmore, Colin Godley, Ian Weir, Philip Green
Director: Pietro Montelatici
Executive Producer: Deborah Isaac