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List of songs playables on this page:

01 credit.vgz02 player selection.vgz03 shop.vgz04 oil field base ~ round 1.vgz05 land war ~ boss 1.vgz06 round clear.vgz07 thunder cloud ~ round 2.vgz08 dogfight ~ boss 2.vgz09 forest stronghold ~ round 3.vgz10 stronghold ~ boss 3.vgz11 desert ~ round 4.vgz12 above ground aircraft carrier ~ boss 4.vgz13 canyon ~ round 5.vgz14 emergency.vgz15 special round.vgz16 cave ~ round 6.vgz17 ascending ~ round 7.vgz18 maritime ~ round 8.vgz19 battleship ~ boss 5.vgz20 game over.vgz21 armory ~ round 9.vgz22 last battle ~ round 10.vgz23 last round clear.vgz24 ending & staff roll.vgz25 last rankinglast.vgz26 unused tune.vgz