Area 51 [Model T-9705H]

Sega Saturn CD published 27 years ago by Midway Home Ent.

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Area 51 © 1996 Midway Home Ent.

As a soldier in the elite S.T.A.A.R forces, your assignment is to penetrate alien forces at Area 51, and eliminate the threat of deadly alien infection that has spread throughout the base. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

* Incredible cinematic effects and stop motion animation sequences!
* Six long, intense stages of constant gunfire and alien encounters!
* Engaging Sci-Fi storyline with Aliens, UFOs, and secret experiment cover-ups!
* Tons of secret rooms and buried government secrets!
* Includes original arcade secret rooms, plus additional secret rooms!
* Power-ups and sophisticated weaponry keep you armed and dangerous!
* Explore an accurate simulation of the most secretive air base in the world!

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Game ID: T-9705H


Midway Home Entertainment Team

Producer: Ken Humphries
Test Supervisor: Mike Kruse
Lead Tester: Rob Reininger
Testers: Todd Papy, Christoper Thornton, Jesse Meza, Pablo Buitrago, Randy Slafsky
Print & Production: Debra Austin, Shawn Murphy, Dave Young, Jon Mongelluzzo
Special Thanks: Brian Fritts, Bill Hindorff, Howard Lehr, Tona Hess, Kirby Fong (GT Interactive)

Coin Op Team
Producer: Rob Rowe
Programmer: Charlie Grisafi
Game Design: Mike Hally
Art & Design: Steve Caterson
Video Production: Brent Englund
Lead Technician: Darrell Robinson
Stop‑Motion Animator: Jody Burgess
Product Manager: Derryl Depriest
Audio & Music: Jeanne Parson, Michael Stein
Hardware Engineer: Brian McKee

Mesa Logic
Concept & Game Design: Robert Weatherby
3D Animators: James Mestemaker, Guy Fumagalli, Hector Silva, James Webb

Tantalus Entertainment
Programmer: Julian Crooke
Artist: Alun Bjorksten
Executive Producer: Arthur Kakouris
Support Programmer: Shane Stevens
Quality Assurance: John Szoke
Technical Director: Andrew Bailey

Perfect Entertainment
Producer: Colin Fuidge
Quality Assurance: Matt Stamps


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