Area 51 [Model SLUS-00164]

Sony PlayStation CD published 27 years ago by Midway Home Ent.

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Area 51 © 1996 Midway Home Ent.

Area 51 has been completely overrun by alien forces. Your mission: Penetrate the base, destroy all hostile forces and save the future of humanity! Featuring incredible cinematic effects, engaging sci-fi storyline, secret alien experiment cover-ups, stunning power-ups and the most awesome weaponry to keep you armed and dangerous!!


Game ID: SLUS-00164


Export releases:
[JP] "Area 51 [Model SLPS-00726]"
[EU] "Area 51 [Model SLES-00578]"


Midway Team
Producers: Ken Humphries, Bill Hindorff, Howard Lehr
Test Supervisor: Mike Kruse
Lead Tester: Randy Slafsky
Testers: Todd Papy, Christoper Thornton, Jesse Meza, Pablo Buitrago
Print Design & Production: Debra Austin, Shawn Murphy, Dave Young, Jon Mongelluzzo, Robert Shepherd
Special Thanks: Brian Fritts, Tona Hess

Atari Team
Producer: Rob Rowe
Programmer: Charlie Grisafi
Game Design: Mike Hally
Art: Steve Caterson
Design: Steve Caterson
Video Production: Brent Englund
Lead Technician: Darrell Robinson
Stop-Motion Animator: Jody Burgess
Product Manager: Derryl Depriest
Audio & Music: Jeanne Parson, Michael Stein
Hardware Engineer: Brian McKee

Mesa Logic Team
Concept & Game Design: Robert Weatherby
3D Animators: James Mestemaker, Guy Fumagalli, Hector Silva, James Webb

Tantalus Entertainment Team
Programmer: Trevor Nuridin
Artist: Alun Bjorksten
Executive Producer: Arthur Kakouris
Quality Assurance: John Szoke
Technical Director: Andrew Bailey

Perfect Entertainment Team
Producer: Colin Fuidge
Quality Assurance: Matt Stamps


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