Arcade Station T2

Unreleased Arcade Video game published 13 years ago by Quasimoto Interactive, Inc.

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Arcade Station T2 © 2008 Quasimoto Interactive, Incorporated.

The Arcade Station T2 is in the vein of Nintendo's PlayerChoice 10 arcade machine from 1986, by bringing the home experience to coin-op.

Arcade Station T2 is a licensed arcade machine to play XBOX 360 games for coin-op use. Play selected XBOX360 video games in public and commercial spaces, including arcade centres, FEC, bars, nightclubs, and shopping malls.


It features a 26 inch high definition monitor, XBOX Live support, and Memory Unit functionality. The system uses handheld controllers for 1 or 2-player action, and the system is also network LAN capable for even greater multiplayer action.

The machine can output video to a second monitor, and there is also a headphone jack available at the front of the unit. The front of the machine also has a XBOX 360 memory unit jack, with players able to use their memory unit to save their game progress and access their XBOX Live Gamertag.


After being tested in Asia and the UK, a released date was announced for October 2008 but this project is cancelled.

Similar machines have previously been troubled with issues surrounding licensing and the use of a home gaming console in a commercial setup. The Arcade Station T2 is different to these machines as it is the first licensed coin-op machine powered by the XBOX 360, making it legal to use in any public setting for commercial use.

While the list of games is still being finalized, it could include Halo 3, FIFA 08, Assassins Creed and Devil May Cry 4. It won't feature the traditional Pay-to-Play model, but the Play-for-Time one, which the Stinger Report calls 'VenderTainment'.


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Official website; http://www.xboxarcademachines.com