Apventure to Atlantis

This Apple II 5.25 disk. is listed and emulated in MAME !

Set(s) list:
 apple2_flop_orig: apvatlan
Information last updated on October 27, 2021.
Set's name: "apvatlan"
MAME's description: Apventure to Atlantis
<sharedfeat name="compatibility" value="A2,A2P,A2E,A2EE,A2C,A2GS"
ROM name="apventure to atlantis.woz" size="234810" crc="7ffaa071" sha1="cc30eebf031e15bec1970965fc8f822e6c5bdcda"
 apple2_flop_misc: advatlts
Information last updated on January 09, 2021.
Set's name: "advatlts"
MAME's description: Adventure to Atlantis

ROM name="adventure to atlantis (1982)(synergistic software).do" size="143360" crc="5b1955df" sha1="e58230572df58529e749c176552022e91c18f34b"

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