APB [Model PA2042]

Atari Lynx cart. published 31 years ago by Atari

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APB © 1991 Atari Corp.

Based on the original arcade video game.

This is the city. A dangerous place, full of crooks as slimy as an earthworm in the rain. The streets are loaded with them. Officer Bob has just graduated from the Academy and is as gung ho as a nerd on the first day of school. He truly believes he can single-handedly clean up the city. Who knows? Maybe he can. But the crooks don't think so. Neither does Sergeant Mulrooney, the hot-headed duty boss who is quick to deliver a scorching lecture if Office Bob stacks up too many demerits. Can Officer Bob succeed where dozens of others have failed?


Model PA2042


November 1991 - Consoles + N.2 [FR]: 38/100


* Level Skip:
Hold OPTION 1+OPTION 2 and run into a donut (or through the Donut Shop). You will automatically complete the current mission and proceed to the next level.

* Level 99:
When your quota is met, hold OPTION 1+OPTION 2 at Officer Bob's parking space. You will warp to level 99 with random quotas each time it is completed (notice that the game won't end: it will repeat level 99 with different quotas).

* Faster Refuel:
On Highway 12, you can find two gasoline pumps next to each other. If you park in the middle of the two, the gas pumps twice as fast.

* Music On or Off:
To turn the music on or off, press OPTION 2 while the title screen is on. Turning off the music allows you to hear all the digitized voices and sounds more clearly.


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