Anticipation [Model NES-AP-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 35 years ago by Nintendo of America, Inc.

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Anticipation © 1988 Nintendo of America.

Bored with board games? Tired of pursuing trivia? Had your fill of ethical questions? Then you're ready for ANTICIPATION. This zany, unpredictable, totally wacked-out video board game begins with a giant connect-the-dots puzzle. Suddenly, a video pencil starts connecting the dots and, before you know it, you're in a maddening race against the clock, trying to solve the puzzle. Is it an Igloo? A Penguin? Whatever it is, you - and all your friends - will have a great time trying to guess what the pencil is drawing. Guess right and you'll get a crack at the really tough puzzles - no dots or clues, just the pencil drawing a picture. Think you're up to it? Then challenge your friends. Or take on the computer. Either way, this off-the-floor board game will challenge you, excite you and generally drive you crazy for years to come.

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Cartridge ID: NES-AP-USA


Released in November 1988 in the USA.


* HOW TO PLAY (from the USA Manual): On the Game Board Screen, note the locations of your Game Marker, the puzzle colors you need, and the number of spaces you want to move to land on those colors (Game Markers advanced counter clockwise around the board).


Developed by RARE.


Game's ROM.