Arcade Video game published 47 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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Anti-Aircraft screenshot

Anti-Aircraft © 1975 Atari.

The game improves the skill and the reflexs of the player. The bombers wich are on the screen must be brought down. The bombers arrive either by one or by two, either on the left or on the right of the screen. A bomber which has not been brought down on the first crossing, will come back on the same place, then the player can forestall his shoot. Each player disposes of 3 different positions for firing, wich are used to range. The Cannon, wich has hit the bull's eye, scores for cach downed bomber.

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Cabinet dimension :
57,87 in. (147cm) High
25,12 in. (64cm) Wide
28 in. (71,12cm) Deep.
Monitor : 23 in.


Released in June 1975.

There is an undocumented option available that switches the planes into UFO's. Pin 14 of the 003127 IC -- a PROM located at grid location K1 -- is tied to ground, but also has a pullup resistor. Cutting the ground trace causes address bit A4 to be pulled high, selecting the UFO data. A jumper can be installed to easily switch back and forth between planes and UFO's.

Goodies for Anti-Aircraft
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Designed and engineered by: Gary Waters


Atari Inc: Business Is Fun by Curt Vendel and Marty Goldberg
Game's ROM.