Amped 3

Microsoft XBOX 360 Game published 14 years ago by 2K Sports

Not emulated yet.


Amped 3 © 2005 2K Sports.

Amped 3, like snowboarding itself, isn't just about the sport. Sure, it all starts with riding huge mountains, finding seams through the trees in hip-deep powder, and tricking your cheeks off... which is why there's an all-new physics engine, perfected controls, and the most authentic riding experience at of some the world's greatest winter resorts. The soul of snowboarding, however, is all about style. So, in AmpedĀ® 3, there's incredible customization, a fat helping of boarding culture, and huge snowboxes loaded with killer gameplay. With a new ParkBuilder, insane, bone-breaking sledding, and snowmobiles for exploring, you can be who you want, go where you want, and do what you want.


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Amped 3 was released on November 15, 2005 in the USA.