America's Army

Arcade Video Game published 11 years ago by Global VR


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An arcade style training game based on actual Army training exercises designed to challenge soldiers to hone their skills. Players are rewarded for teamwork, proper use of the Rules of Engagement, accuracy, and target identification.
It is designed for one or two players and consists of a series of eight training mini-games. Each game is designed with a dynamic difficulty system making the game easy for new recruits and more difficult for experienced players. Bonuses are also important as they reward players with extra experiences and point rewards for jobs well done. Leader boards for each mini-game add fuel to the competition, and give players incentives to beat the top score.
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Players : 2


Released in November 2007.

This game is based on the extremely popular 'Americas's Army' game brand which is developed by the U.S. Army.


Executive Producer : John Ray

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