American Spirit

Slot Machine published 28 years ago by WMS Gaming, Inc.

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American Spirit © WMS Gaming.

American Spirit is a patriotic themed 7's game with Red, White, and Blue versions of 7's and Bars, and includes the Can't Lose! feature that allows players to play even longer and win even more! This 3-coin multiplier slot emphasizes completing pays that contain Red, White, and Blue symbols, in that order. Red, White, and Blue Bar combinations even pay double normal Bar Combinations! The top award is achieved when three Wild symbols center on the payline with the maximum coins bet. In addition to activating the top award, the wild symbol can substitute for any symbol. Players will catch the spirit due to the wide variety of pays and winning combinations that this game offers!


Available : $.05, $.25, $.50, $1.


American Spirit was released in November 1994.


Every time a player centers a CAN'T LOSE! reel symbol on the payline a CAN'T LOSE! bonus spin is awarded. A CAN'T LOSE! bonus spin is a free spin, and every outcome is a Guaranteed Winner! This spin can be redeemed anytime the CAN'T LOSE! button is active. With max credits bet, up to 99 bonus spins can be stored with any additional bonus spins awarded immediately. Press the CAN'T LOSE! button to spin the reels and display your bonus win.


Production Art also by: Jason J. Dominiak


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