American Speedway

Coin-op Misc. Game published 57 years ago by American Machine & Foundry

Not emulated yet.


American Speedway © 1961 American Machine & Foundry.

1 player : When a coin is inserted into the slot, both cars advance to starting line automatically, then stop. The player may select either car to drive. The other car automatically becomes the pacer, and races the player's car. The race starts by pressing either starting button. First car to complete the 15 laps wins.

In order to make the fastest possible time, the driver must then turn his steering wheel at exactly the right moment each time his car goes into, or out of a turn. Failure to turn at exactly the right time will either slow down his car or bring it to complete stop.

When only 1 player is driving, the second car has automatic delays built in so that the race is just as fast and hightly competitive as when 2 are playing.

2 players : After the coins are inserted and the card advance to the starting line, press the button just below the coin slot to indicate that 2 will be playing. Each player then steers one of the cars, and compete against each other. The race starts by pressing either starter button. Race conditions are the same as with 1 player - first car to complete 15 laps ans cross the finish line wins.

Skilled drivers can lap their opponents several times in the 15 times around the course.
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33 inches wide x 120 inches long.

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