Amazon Jungle

Slot Machine published 16 years ago by Octavian Italy srl

Not emulated yet.


Amazon Jungle © 2002 Octavian.

Step by step explore Amazon Jungle – the game full of dangers, adventures and amazing animals which will reward you for your bravery extra prizes adding to normal reel wins and an exciting bonus game.


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* Double up : If your current win is less than 4000 credits you can try to double it. Lit DOUBLE display after touching the DOUBLE button pays you the double amount of your current win, NOTHING - pays you nothing and takes your win.

* Daisy Bonus : If there are no highlighted symbols on the Bonus Mix board and three 'Bonus' symbols land on the payline, the Daisy Bonus begins. A flower will appear with wins on its petals and a chameleon. Press the SPIN button. The flower will start spinning and the number that stops next to the chameleon is your win. The win amount registers in the BONUS WIN display and the petal becomes a COLLECT symbol.
After each stroke on the SPIN button the chameleon changes its color. If the colors of the chameleon and the petal match, the petal will remain in the game (will not be transformed in the COLLECT symbol).
The COLLECT symbol that stops against the chameleon finishes the bonus game.

* Bonus Mix : When 3 'Bonus' symbols land on the payline and at least one symbol is highlighted on the Bonus Mix board the bonus spins begin. During the bonus spins each butterfly, chameleon or plum on the payline pay the prize registered on the Bonus Mix board under the respective symbol.
If a winning combination of 3 butteràlies, chameleons (from those not highlighted yet) or plums occur during the bonus spins the respective symbol is activated on the BONUS MIX board and paid starting with the next spin.
Note : The symbols on the Bonus Mix board are accumulated for each bet value separately.
Bet change will finish the bonus spins but they will be resumed on reaching the triggering bet.
Bonus spins end when any win occurs, including 3 similar butterflies, chameleons or plums.