Amazing Island [Model DOL-GKAE-USA]

Export Nintendo GameCube disc published 19 years ago by SEGA of America, Inc.

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Amazing Island © 2004 SEGA of America, Inc.

North American release. Game developed in Japan. See the original for more information; "Kaijuu no Shima - Amazing Island [Model DOL-GKAJ-JPN]".




SEGA OF America only staff.

President: Hide Irie
Vice President of Marketing: Scott A. Steinberg
Product Marketing Manager: Lori Von Rueden, Mark J. Polcyn
Director of Product Development: Osamu Shibamiya
Localization Director: Osamu Shibamiya
Localization Producer: Kevin Frane
Supervising Producer: Klayton Vorlick
Senior Media Manager: Teri A. Higgins
Creative Services: Robert Schonfisch
QA Project Lead: Shawn Dobbins
Tester: Lee Frohman
Localization Support: Emi Yamane
Build Engineer/Project Coordinator: Rick Ribble Jr.
Special Thanks: Hitoshi Ariga, Benri-ya san, M, TOMO-chan