Amagon [Model NES-M5-USA]

Nintendo NES Cart. published 29 years ago by American Sammy

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Amagon © 1989 American Sammy Corp.

North American release. Game developed in Japan. For more information about the game itself, please see the original Japanese release entry; "Totsuzen! Macho Man [Model VIC-M5]".

Description from the back cover:

Amagon, the most decorated Marine, was assigned a mission by his commander to investigate a strange, monster-infested South Pacific island, from which no man had ever returned alive.

With a machine gun as his only weapon, he took off by plane and crash-landed on the island's beachhead.

Amagon, with his unique ability to transform into the huge Megagon, there begins his mission to become the first to conquer the island.

See and experience the amazing adventures of our hero, Amagon!! His rescue ship is waiting at the other side of the island.

Good luck!


Cartridge ID: NES-M5-USA


Released in April 1989 in the USA.


* HOW TO PLAY (from the USA Manual):
- The object of the game is to help Amagon destroy his enemies and safely find his way to the ship.
- The scene will be cleared if Amagon defeats a certain number of monsters or destroys the giant demon waiting at the end of the scene.
- At the beginning of the game, Amagon has 300 bullets for his machine gun. The remaining bullets are displayed at the top center of the screen. If he runs out of bullets, he has to fend off monsters using his gun as a club.
- Fortunately, if he defeats some of his enemies, he can get extra bullet magazines. Thus, you have to look for and get bullets while shooting down enemies.
- Also, you have to look for the Mega-key, which enables him to transform into Megagon. When you encounter a giant monster or fight through many enemies, you'd better transform to Megagon, because Megagon can survive if he is hit by a weapon or part of the enemy.
- The game begins with four Amagon characters. Amagon will be eliminated if he is hit by a weapon or part of the enemy. And even Megagon will be eliminated if he falls into a river or valley. The number of Amagons left is displayed in the upper right part of the screen. If all four are eliminated, the game ends, but if you secure a one-up item, you can add one more Amagon.

* ZONES AND CONTINUE MODE (from the USA Manual):
- The island to be conquered has six zones, each of which is divided into two scenes, for a total of 12 scenes per game.
Zone 1-1 PLAIN
Zone 1-2
Zone 2-1 JUNGLE
Zone 2-2
Zone 3-1 RIVER
Zone 3-2
Zone 4-2
Zone 5-2
Zone 6-1 BEACH
Zone 6-2
- Continue mode cannot be used until Zone 4.
- If all four Amagons are eliminated at Zone 4 or afterwards, you can choose any zone except Zone 1, which has already cleared. Select a zone by pressing the Select button.
- In Continue mode, all scores and bullets are carries over to the next scene, but you cannot carry over Amagon's stock.


-- Machine Gun: 1 point for damage to a monster.
-- Gunstock: 1 point for damage to a monster.

-- Megapunch: 8 points for damage to a monster.
-- Laser Beam: 16 points for damage to a monster.

There are two conditions necessary to allow transformation into Megagon:
- First, you should look for and get the Mega-key.
- Second, you must have at least 5,000 points.
If you obtain both, the [GO] sign will be displayed at the right of the bullet counter at the top center of the screen. Then you can transform into Megagon by pressing the select button at any time you want. But if Amagon is eliminated before the transformation can take place, you will lose the Mega-key.

* MEGAGON'S FEATURES (from the USA Manual):
- Megagon has a strength value measured in Mega-points. The score points that you have at transformation will be converted into Mega-points, calculated at 5000 points to one Mega-point. At this time the converted score points will be deducted from your score. The maximum Mega-points obtainable is 14 (70,000 points).
- When Amagon transforms into Megagon, the Mega-points will replace the bullet counter at the top center of the screen.
- If Megagon is hit by a weapon or part of a monster, he is not eliminated but loses his Mega-points one at a time. Also, when he generates a laser beam, he consumes one Mega-point.
- If Megagon has no Mega-points, he cannot generate a laser beam. And, if at that time, he is injured by monsters, he will shrink to his normal size.
- Finally, when Megagon clears a scene, the remaining Mega-points will be converted and added to your score.

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