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Alone in the Dark 2 [Model ALON20201]

Export IBM 5170 3.5in.disk. (DOS) published 27 years ago by Infogrames Interactive, Inc.

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Alone in the Dark 2 © 1993 Infogrames Interactive, Inc.

UK release. Game developed in France. See the original for more information.

Description from the UK back cover:

CARNBY looked up.
The threatening face of HELL'S KITCHEN, an old mansion on a cliff top, overhanging the Pacific's treacherous waves, loomed down at him. All those long hours spent on the firing range and unarmed combat would certainly not go to waste now.

Ever since CARNBY was ALONE IN THE DARK in DERCETO, his colleagues have started calling him ''Supernatural Prive Eye''.
The saga continues!

Christmas Eve 1934, CARNBY's thoughts are with poor little GRACE, an innocent 8-year old girl recently kidnapped by a gang of bootleggers. Come what may, he has to save her from the evil clutches of ONE EYES JACK.

Mazes, trap doors, secret passageways, deadly gangsters, blood-thirsty pirates, ghost ships, ruthless smugglers... These kind of encounters can be so fatal when you're alone
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DISK #1: ALON20207
DISK #2: ALON20208
DISK #3: ALON20209
DISK #4: ALON20210
DISK #5: ALON20211
DISK #6: ALON20212
DISK #7: ALON20213
DISK #8: ALON20214
DISK #9: ALON20215


In the UK, some moral guardians were shocked by Alone In The Dark 2's content. Detective Chief Superintendent Mick Burdis from South Yorkshire CID called for the game to be banned from sale to children, saying, "It's sick. It can terrify them, damage their thought processes and make them insecure for life." Prompted by this, the Sheffield Star newspaper ran the headline, "Ban Kids From This Computer Sickness".

Game's disks.