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Alone in the Dark 2

Export IBM 5170 3.5in.disk. (DOS) published 26 years ago by I-Motion, Inc.

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Alone in the Dark 2 © 1994 I-Motion, Inc.

North American release.

Description from the US back cover:

You are the elusive detective of the macabre, Edward Carnby. A kidnapped child depends on your super sleuthing skills and your astonishing ability to outwit bands of ruthless gangsters, smugglers and pirates. One Eyed Jack, their nefarious leader, would give his remaining eye to see you permanently retired. Are you ready for the challenge of your life?

Steel nerves and quicksilver thinking are your trademarks, so without hesitation you set out to rescue young Grace Saunders, the missing girl. Your razor sharp instincts lead you to the one place that no one in their right mind would go .... One Eyed Jack's infamous hideout known as Hell's Kitchen - a forbidding mansion that resonates with venomous evil.

Perched high above the unforgiving and twisting sea, Hell's Kitchen glares down at you, daring you to come closer. "One Eyed Jack is in there," you whisper under your breath. "And that little girl needs my help, if she's going to get out alive ...." You begin to scale the sheer cliffs, your fate cast aside as you realize that you are alone .... and in the dark again.
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Media: Disk x9
Disk #1: 3101AD2
Disk #2: 3102AD2
Disk #3: 3103AD2
Disk #4: 3104AD2
Disk #5: 3105AD2
Disk #6: 3106AD2
Disk #7: 3107AD2
Disk #8: 3108AD2
Disk #9: 3109AD2

IBM PC AT 100% compatible (386, 486 - 25 Mhz minimum).
DOS 3.0 or higher.
256 HB EMD (Expanded).
Hard Disk: 14 MB free.
2 MB RAM (more than 560KB free conventional memory).
Sound Blaster, Adlib and Sound Source compatible card.
VGA 256 color graphics card.

Game's disk.