All Star Racing [Model SLES-03740]

The Sony PlayStation Game by Midas Int. Ent.

Not emulated in MAME


[CONSOLE] Sony PlayStation Game

All Star Racing © 2002 Midas Int. Ent.

All Star Racing brings together four of the most challenging racing games ever created.

• Feel the high speed adrenaline rush of GT Cars.
• Race the mountain roads in a sophisticated Classic Car of yesteryear.
• Take control of the wheel in your high performance Super Car.
• Climb into the driving seat of a hi-tech Stock Car.
• Your every driving need is now fulfilled.


Game ID: SLES-03740


Developed by Kung Fu Ltd.

Producer: Darren Morgan
QA Testing: Darren Morgan, Alasdair Evans, Chris Viggers
Manual: Darren Morgan
Packaging Design: Maarten van Schalk

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