Alisia Dragoon [Model 1039]

Export Sega Genesis cart. published 29 years ago by Game Arts

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Alisia Dragoon © 1992 Game Arts Company, Limited.

North American release. Game developed in Japan. See the original Japanese release, "Alisia Dragoon [Model T-45033]", for more information about the game.

Description from the back cover:

The pace is intense. Enemies come at Alisia from everywhere. And nowhere. Battle hordes of crazed barbarians, mow down mobs of poisonous centipedes, and slay squadrons of winged gargoyels. Blast enemies in waves or one by one with multi-directional, auto-targeting laser fire.

Recruit killer companions like the DragonFrye, Ball O'Fire, Thunder Raven and Boomerang Lizard. Use them to hurl blistering boomerangs, fireballs, and electrical attacks. With Alisia's super-tough fighting skills, fry enemies to a crisp. And prove once and for all that you can go hand-to-hand with evil and come out the champion!

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Game ID: 1039
Cartridge ID: 670-2138
Package ID: 670-2139


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