Alien vs Predator [Model J9008E]

Atari Jaguar cart. published 27 years ago by Atari

Alien vs Predator [Model J9008E] screenshot

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Alien vs Predator © 1994 Atari Corp.

Alien Vs. Predator is a tactical simulator depicting the events following the fall of Camp Golgotha Colonial Marine Training Base to a group of xenomorphs (aliens) not yet fully classified. Limited data from the incident also allow for reasonably extrapolated simulations from the viewpoints of the two alien groups believed to have participated in the incident. The data contained herein is considered top secret as of this release, and any duplication, distribution or display is punishable by courtmartial with a maximum penalty not to exceed seven years imprisonment in the Yuggoth penal colony, SYS Aldeberan IV. (USCMC, 53622a)


Model J9008E


Released on October 20, 1994 in North America.

Atari contemplated doing a straight port of the SNES game Alien vs. Predator for the Atari Jaguar, but changed direction after designers realized they did not have the legal rights to the Dark Horse comic series on which the SNES game was based.

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* Activate 'Hold that Fuji!' (during game play): (Pause + Option) + (1+3, 2+5+7+9) Predator laugh confirms
Security Clearance = Raise:Option+6; Lower:Option+9
Motion Tracker Toggle = Option+8
Recharge all weapons = Option+1+2+3+4
Shotgun toggle = Option+1
Pulse Rifle toggle = Option+2
Flame Thrower toggle = Option+3
Smart Gun toggle = Option+4

* Activate 'Banana Stops' (ST=STar, PO=POund) (during game play):
B,A,9,A,9,A 'BANANA'
ST,Option,6 'STOPS'
ST,Option 'STOP'
2,Option 'TOP' (Predator laugh confirms)
- All commands from 'Hold that Fuji!'
- Level Select = Option+A (Up), Option+B (Down) (Up = 5,4,3,2,1, Pred. Ship, Alien Ship, Airducts)
- God mode = Option+5 (Invincible and auto weapons power-up. Must have ammo first)

* Freeze Alien Queen (just outside the Queen's Lair): Save game, then reload. Queen will be frozen and can be damaged. She'll die when you unfreeze her by walking through entrance.

* Shoot Predators first (in the Predator ship): Before collecting the smart gun, use the pulse rifle or shotgun to shoot around (or at where you know Predator(s) will appear when you get the smart gun). You'll see the blood, and if you've used enough ammo, the Predator(s) will die as soon as you collect the smart gun.

* Shortcut to Alien Ending: Enter the 'Banana Stops' cheat. Make a cocoon and when it is mature, get your alien killed (don't enable God mode, obviously). As the screen fades dark and the cocoon is hatching, press Option+A/B (for level up/down) and the screen will fade to the Alien Ending.

* Easter Eggs: Global Positioning (during game play): (Pause) + (Option, 1+3, Option) Shotgun sounds confirms.
- dec(xx,yy) = your X/Y Coordinates 'course' position
- hex(aaaa,bbbb) = your X/Y Coordinates 'fine' position
- l(01) through l(05) = Sublevels 1 through 5
- l(06) through l(13) = Airducts 1B,2B,3B,3C,4B,4C,5B,5C
- l(14) = Alien Ship
- l(15) = Predator Ship


Game's ROM.